Why Use Real Estate Agent?

Two Types of Realtors: Listing Agents/ Buyers Agents
In Cache Valley, we have two types of real estate agents; Listing Agents and Buyer’s Agents. The listing agent contracts with the seller to market and help them sell their house. Their duty is to help the seller sell their home for the most money. They have a fiduciary responsibility towards the seller, and will not reveal anything that could hinder the sellers negotiating position. A listing agent will tend to be more “salesman like.” They are going to push to try and get you to buy their specific listing. Listing agents can never truly represent you.

A Buyers Agent’s role is to help a potential buyer find the most suitable home possible at the best possible price. They have freedom, and will make a commission from the sale of any home listed on the MLS. It doesn’t matter which home the buyer chooses. A buying agent serves as a transaction facilitator. They share their expert market knowledge too aid the home buyer. You are will likely save time, money and make a much better decision by using an exclusive buyers agent.

As a buyers agent, my loyalty is to you. I want help you get the best home and the best deal possible. As a Realtor, I know how much the seller paid for their home, how long it’s been on the market, and other factor’s that can help us determine how motivated the seller is, and what they might be willing to accept.

According to Peter Miller of the Realty Times: “Consumers increasingly understand that if a seller has a broker, then a buyer without representation has a substantial disadvantage.

Each year the buying and selling process becomes more complex. Here’s an example: The first real estate contract I saw fitted nicely on a single page. In my last transaction there were some 65 pages of documentation.

If you had asked about self-selling or self-buying 20 years ago it would have made sense to say that such choices were viable marketplace options. But today that’s not the case. Forget some paperwork and you could be out thousands of dollars or have a deal that’s void or voidable. Go into a transaction unrepresented and the odds of success very much favor the other party.”

Here are some reasons you should consider me as your buyers agent:

I know the market — As a full time Realtor, my life is devoted to real estate. I visit nearly every home listed, and pay attention to new homes listed daily. I am constantly on the look out for homes that match your criteria. I can usually tell you what the seller bought the house for, and how much they owe (a listing agent cannot reveal this information to you). I know what market value should be for a property, and can give you valuable information to help you know what a seller may be willing to accept, what properties are great deals, and future market expectations. I’m also a pretty good predictor of when a house is priced low, and will go fast.

I know more than just the Market — In addition to helping you find the best possible home, and at the best price, I also am aware of the best deals and rates on loans, home inspections, home warranties, and title companies. I will help hook you up with the best professionals for your situation. I will help you look for and consider aspects of each home that give or take away from its value. I also occasionally contact and make deals with homes being sold by owner. This gives you a greater pool to select from.

Flexible — I am a full time buyers agent and am there when you need me. I am easy to reach by phone, and when I’m in the office I reply to most e-mails instantly. I mostly work from home, and can usually be of assistance any time of day.

Innovative — We know how to work with technology. This is especially helpful when working with out of state clients relocating. I can e-mail you documents, give you video footage of properties, and get you all sorts of information in a matter of seconds.

Your Protection — What are your rights as a buyer? What does the seller warranty? What if somebody else makes an offer on the property as well? How do you get your earnest money back if things go wrong? Under what circumstances can you get your earnest money back? What if the home inspection reveals unpleasant surprises? What if your lender can’t get your loan together on time? When can you legally take possession of the property? There are a lot of things that can go wrong with a real estate transaction. My job is to stay on top of all possible issues to make sure you are protected. I make sure everything is completed by their deadlines and that the proper paperwork and procedures take place to protect you.

Absolutely No Cost to You — Many buyers agents will charge a “transaction fee” when your new home closes. Not me. You pay nothing for my services as a buyers agent. The seller has already contracted a fee with the listing agent. The listing agent will split part of their fee with me.

No Obligation — If you don’t like the services I provide, or the way I conduct my business you are free to cancel with me at any time with no objections, liabiltiy or hassel. Unlike some agents who are more concerned about making a commission, I’m more concerned about doing what’s best for you. I care about putting others first.

Here are some tips to make sure your offer is accepted in the Cache Valley Market:
* Be pre-approved by a lender, not just prequalified. This strengthens your position.
* Provide a substantial earnest money deposit. This is “good faith” money that shows the seller you are serious about the property.
* Limit your contingencies to those most important to you, such as financing, inspections, and the sale of your current home if necessary.When you are ready to purchase a home, I will negotiate on your behalf to help you get the best house your dollar can buy. I can act as a buffer to minimize the emotional elements and numerous technicalities of the home buying process so you can better enjoy the experience.I’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have about the property, the offer, negotiating, or the buying process. Part of my expertise is negotiating. I will work diligently to help you find and purchase your new home.

Call or email me when you are ready.

Alan Barker – Cache Valley’s Buyer Specialist