Search Naples FL Real Estate On Zillow To Find Homes For Sale

Guess how many properties are listed on Zillow for Naples FL? There are over 7000 properties, and the most expensive one I see is listed for almost $52m. Some properties are much less expensive of course but make no doubt about it, Naples is undoubtedly a city known for its luxury real estate. Of course, you don’t have to pay $52m to get a luxury home in any city.Read more here:

That would be on the higher end, and there are some excellent properties well under $1m in Naples, too. Plus, you have high-end Naples condos under $1m. If that still sounds stratospheric, welcome to Naples. Although, yes, there are properties for much less than $1m, too. You have to set those search filters to your budget and keep your head out of the clouds. You might dream for a minute seeing a $51m listing, but then you set the search filters and look for listings that meet your budget.

Every real estate site seems to highlight the most expensive listings. Zillow is right about mixing in the other listings, too, when you initially pull up a city. I saw a home for around $240k, and I saw a condo for around $125k. Given what you know so far about the market in Naples, it would certainly help to find out the stats of course. Like what is the average listing price?

The average listing price right now is right at around $325k, but of course, that number is always fluctuating. It is forecasted to rise by around 3.3 percent. The Naples real estate market is considered to be healthy, as you can well imagine. Of course, just because a city has luxury waterfront property doesn’t mean the market is healthy. When the real estate bubble burst a little over a decade ago, Florida, in general, was hard hit.

Markets have recovered and are stable. You are looking to buy real estate in Naples, and you are going to do your due diligence. There are other stats concerning Naples real estate that might interest you. And you can certainly browse the listings on Zillow. The site is one that people like to use when they are looking at properties for sale. When is the last time you used Zillow?

It is a site with a lot of information about real estate in every city. There are other sites you might want to check out, too. You would think, however, that most of the prominent sites are going to have most if not all of the listings. Each site also has different navigational tools and a different experience altogether.

When you use Zillow to look at homes, you also get to see what the ‘Zestimate’ is all about. You get to see what the site thinks the property is worth, vs. the listing price or perceived value. That is perhaps a good number to see as well. Have fun looking at properties for sale in Naples on Zillow.