Finding Cache Valley Foreclosures
Foreclosures are a hot topic nationally. The tricky part is finding and buying them. In Logan Utah, we don’t have a large number of foreclosure homes but we do have a few. This page will give you resources to help you find and buy foreclosures in Cache County Utah.

Most foreclosures for sale in Logan Utah can be found on the MLS. This database of all home listings includes short sales (preforeclosure homes) as well as HUD Homes, Bank Owned, and Real Estate Owned Properties. To search for foreclosures on the MLS click:

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Foreclosures Not Listed for Sale
Homes in Default or that have received trustees notices that are not necessarily for sale can be identified by using services provided by companies that collect the public records.

To Search these foreclosures, simply click the state the map. This is a good nationwide foreclosure site, and you will be able to see many pre-foreclosure, foreclosure, and foreclosed bank owned properties with the help of

To get the full service and detailed information requires that you pay a monthly fee. You can get a free “trial week,” and the free portion does give some good information. Nearly all Cache County Foreclosures, and many pre-foreclosure houses end up on the MLS and are actually listed by Realtors when they are for sale.

If you don’t want to pay for’s service, but still want details about Logan forecloser homes on the market simply contact a Cornerstone Real Estate Agent with info about the foreclosed home you’re interested in, with our Realtor resources, we can give you more information than can and for free. You can also access Public Records to get more information and approximate values by using services like

The Logan Foreclosure Process
Pre Foreclosures in Logan
During the pre-foreclosure stage, home owners have received their notice of default, because they have missed mortgage payments. The owners still have an opportunity to make up the missing payments. If the home owner cannot make up the missing payments, and the owners owe more than the homes market value, the home owner can often sell their house under “short sale status.”

When a house is in short sale status, the bank forgives a portion of the debt and sells the home for less than what is owed. For banks, foreclosing is a very expensive process and they are often better off taking a “short sale” than foreclosing. They can afford to do this because when buyers purchse homes with nothing down they must pay for “mortgage insurance” which protects against possible foreclosure.

Preforeclosure Short Sale properties are a great way to get a deal on real estate. However, it is very difficult to work with the banks and the complicated foreclosure process. It makes the real estate transaction much more complicated. Many homes on the MLS listed in preforeclosure status never actually get sold because the bank won’t approve a sale before the Trustee sale. Pre-foreclosure houses can often be purchased for a deal straight from the owner before the trustee sale if you have means to be flexible, and close quickly. If you are interested in being notified of any possible pre-foreclosure deals fill in this form.

The Trustee Sale at the Cache County Courthouse
When the notice of trustees sale is given, a date is set for the Trustee Sale. Trustee sales in Logan take place at the court house steps located at 135 N 100 W. This is a public auction, and anybody may bid on the house if: 1.You provide $5,000 certified funds prior to bidding. 2. Can pay the entire balance in full within 24 hours. Properties sold at the public auctions are sold without warranties. There still may be judgements tied to the property. The properties might even still have residents needing eviction.

View upcoming Courthouse Steps Trustee Auctions in Logan
Foreclosed, Bank Owned – REO – HUD Homes in Logan
After the foreclosure process is complete, and the bank officially becomes the owner, the house comes on the market as a bank owned (REO) home. Sometimes these homes will be cleaned up a little, new paint carpet, etc. These homes are always listed on the MLS, and are usually priced at market value. At this point in the foreclosure process it is almost as easy to deal with the bank as purchasing any other home, and it is much harder to find a screamin deal.

Loans that were backed by the FHA that foreclose become HUD homes. HUD homes can usually be purchased below market value, but they can usually only be purchased by people intendinding to use the property as their personal residence. If a HUD home is on the market for several weeks, the bidding is then opened up to Investors. With Cache Valley Foreclosures, this rarely happens, and when it does it does the home is usually not a good investment deal.